Weekend rides

The Southern Highlands: Riding in the mist

The date was put forward months ago, the leave passes were all signed, the netball season was over, the houses would sell themselves – finally everyone* was free and it was time for the next installment of the TMCC epic ride.

As is often the case, the allure of quiet roads and beautiful scenery meant we would once again head up Macquarie Pass into the Southern Highlands, but this time go further into the Highlands passing through a few small towns along the way.

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The Kangaroo Valley Epic

Stupidly long winter rides have the potential to be spectacular, something you’ll be talking about with your mates for years to come. They can also be a wet, cold, and a generally miserable experience. Finding yourself 50km away from home absolutely freezing, knowing you’ve got to ignore the near frost bite pain in your hands and feet, and ride home, can be a nightmare. This is pretty much what happened the first time we attempted this ride (Macquarie Pass, freezing and wet).

Almost a month later, it was time to try again. This time there was no sign of rain at all, fantastic. All we had to contend with this time was the wind, easy right? Just a few gusts, nothing to worry about.

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First weekend of winter ride

With the winter riding season officially underway, weekend rides often become the only chance to get out and ride with the sun on your back. A good turnout, and slightly milder conditions, made for a relaxed ride out to Jamberoo.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

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The wet ride: when to stay in bed

Owen puts the power down through the quiet streets of Jamberoo

The alarm goes off, it’s Saturday morning, time for a nice big ride with the bunch. No pressure to get back for work, a chance to go a bit further than usual, maybe somewhere you haven’t been for a while. Saturday morning rides are great. A quick glance outside reveals its wet. No problem, it isn’t raining now and the road will dry up
once the sun’s out. Then it happens, you get a message on your phone, it can only mean one thing at this time of the morning. “Mate, its pouring here, coming down heavy”. Its 30 minutes before the meet up time, and already being completely ready, just short of clipping in the pedals, we decide to give it 20 minutes. Not more than 10 minutes later comes another one, this time from the official TMCC ride organiser, “Men, raining cats and dogs here, back to bed for me”. Followed by “I’m riding, going to get wet but stuff it, cya soon”

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