Jindabyne time! – Charlotte Pass, plank bridges and not enough coffee!

To keep things fresh, this year we took a break from Bright, instead going to Jindabyne. Continuing the TMCC theme of big hills and big k’s, we took on Charlotte Pass first up, then added an extra loop onto the end to make it proper distance! Read on for loads of great pics and more!

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TMCC does 3 Peaks in 2013

Another year another 3 peaks! Our biggest bunch ever. The threat of locked gates keeping us from getting up Hotham, and a possible storm at 1800m elevation! Read on to see how it all unfolded!

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Bright Day 3 – The big one, 3 peaks (2012)

It was the reason we came down to Bright. All the hill repeats, all the cold dark rides months before, were all in preparation for this day. Finding yourself underdone on this loop would make an already long day, a horrible day. With about 15 of us, a support car, and great weather, this ride would surpass all expectations.

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Bright Day 2 – “Gaps loop”, “it’s pretty flat, easy ride!”

Known locally as the “Gaps loop”, we set out in search of a “fairly easy” ride to do the day before tackling the stupidly hard 3 peaks loop. At about 115km long, the loop takes you away from the big peaks, north towards Myrtleford, then east across to the Kiewa Valley Hwy. From there you head towards Mt Beauty, going up Tawonga Gap, then descending back to Bright, easy!

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TMCC Back in Bright – “Sneak in an arvo Buffalo? Back before dark?”

After a late start, followed by an extended stay at Goulburn’s Greengrocer bike/cafe/pizza/grocer store, we knew the team wouldn’t be arriving in Bright until quite late in the afternoon. With the prospect of over 400km in 3 days, the logical decision, was not to rest and relax on what little we had left of the first day, but go out and ride some big hills!

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The days are warming up, the snow is melting. Bright’s calling.

In only a couple of weeks the TMCC will be once again back in Bright! Buoyed by the success of last years trip we return this November to take on the legendary 3 peaks loop.

The hill repeats have been done, the support car is ready, its going to be a blast. Check back in a couple of weeks for a full recap.

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TMCC – What you missed this morning, Weeks 3 & 4

The days are getting shorter, the light is disappearing rapidly, but Fish is taking even more photos! The capabilities of both iPhone and HTC cameras are being pushed to their limits. It’s the middle of winter, it’s dark and cold, but spurred on by the possibility of winning the photo comp we’re still riding! Check out the second installment of the photo comp!

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TMCC – What you missed this morning, Weeks 1 & 2

The camera phones are out in force, daylight hours are falling rapidly, and the rain just won’t stop! It seems almost impossible to get in some big
epic rides lately, so we thought we’d have a little competition amongst ourselves, think ‘photo of the week’ or ‘what you missed this morning’.

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Bowral & Kangaloon ride with the new kit!

It seems like we’d been talking about getting a TMCC kit for years. The first steps towards designing a kit and getting it made were made some time ago. Design done, order made, the months passed by. Finally a big box from Italy arrived! What better way to show it off than a big ride up in the Southern Highlands?

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