TMCC – What you missed this morning, Weeks 1 & 2

The camera phones are out in force, daylight hours are falling rapidly, and the rain just won’t stop! It seems almost impossible to get in some big epic rides lately, so we thought we’d have a little competition amongst ourselves, think ‘photo of the week’ or ‘what you missed this morning’.

Week 1

We started with the best of intentions, but with the ever decreasing daylight in the mornings, and horrible amounts of rain, the number of entries were much much lower than previous weeks not part of the competition. Click on each photo for the full size view.

Judges comment on the winner: Made me laugh!

Week 2

Yet again, rain, rain, rain! But once Luke submitted this sunrise photo just north of Sandon Point, the entries stopped coming in! There didnt seem like there was much of a point trying to top that, stunning!

Judge’s comment on the winner: Love the colours & reflections on the water.

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