The Southern Highlands: Riding in the mist

The date was put forward months ago, the leave passes were all signed, the netball season was over, the houses would sell themselves – finally everyone* was free and it was time for the next installment of the TMCC epic ride.

As is often the case, the allure of quiet roads and beautiful scenery meant we would once again head up Macquarie Pass into the Southern Highlands, but this time go further into the Highlands passing through a few small towns along the way.

The forecast was for showers, disappointing considering only 24hrs earlier the mercury topped 30 degrees in an unseasonably warm spring day. But confidence was high that while it might be a little damp it wouldn’t be a return to the freezing temperatures we dealt with last time we went up the Pass.

Underway with *only* 2 toilet breaks in the first 20 minutes, we headed to the Pass, and as is often the case headed straight up into the mist. Regrouping after the 10km climb we headed along the Tourist Rd. We’ve done this section a couple of times, but not in this direction, it never disappoints.

Riding along the Tourist Rd you feel a world away from the busy streets of the coast. Cars are few and far between, and the scenery is amazing.

The Tourist Rd ends, and 10 minutes later we’re rolling into Bowral. Sadly today the coffee stop is planned for Moss Vale, so we continue onto Berrima via an abrupt little pinch climb coming out of Bowral – Lot 10 Oxleys Hill Rd Climb.

With 95km done, we make ourselves comfortable at a nice little cafe in Moss Vale, almost looked too nice! Nearly every variety of coffee available was ordered, coupled with a decent selection of cakes and biscuits, the waiter promptly shut the outside door behind himself so the abomination that was 8 hungry & noisy lycra clad men did not disturb the rest of the customers inside!

The coffee was great, but it was getting cool sitting outside, time to head home – hard to do after getting so comfortable.

Riding between the towns in the Highlands the road was dry and aside from being a little cooler than usual the conditions were great. Once again heading along the Tourist Rd, this time in the opposite direction the mist started to set it.

After a fairly wet descent followed by 2 flats in almost as many minutes the ride was done. 170km or so in the bank. Looking forward to doing it all again in summer!

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  1. norbs says: September 27, 201112:43 am

    Excellent report and excellent photos. Look at all you bloody whippets. 😉

  2. norbs says: September 27, 201111:43 am

    Excellent report and excellent photos. Look at all you bloody whippets. 😉

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